DVDUPC Discussion

Adding a Barcode


Is there a way to add different barcodes to the list? I have added several movies to my acct by visiting video rental stores and snapping pics of DVDs & Blurays on a second phone and testing them at my proper location. But a lot of these are not showing up when you go to “add a movie” just a lot of “UPC: unknown”. Movies I have converted show up as unconvertable. So that’s why I want to know is there some sort of way to edit a “UPC: unknown” e.g. type in a proven number and it generates a barcode specific to that number, making it a known upc. Just trying to be helpful. Love the site



Currently no, but the good news is that i’m hard at work on some great updates to the site. A major update will be a much better “Add a movie” section where you will be able to search for the title and if a barcode isn’t returned automatically you will be able to enter your own UPC code. The code you ender will be automatically converted to a readable/scannable UPC.



Please let me know when this becomes available. Right now when I add a movie & scan it the error message is “sorry this barcode was not recognized, steady your phone & retry.” I retried, got same error message. I can take a pic of the upc it won’t scan neither but it does give me the upc number to use it there is a website available to put in the upc number.