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Dumb And Dumber... Vudu > iTunes


I have noticed that when you get this in Vudu it will port into iTunes. Unfortunately, it will be listed as Dumb And Dumber (Unrated) and will not be the iTunes “regular” version of the film that includes iTunes Extra. With iTunes Extra, you would be able to view the unrated version of the film along with the Theatrical Version. You would also have access to many other features. There is no way that I have found where you can rename this to fix the issue. If anyone else finds a workaround, please let me know.



With the Movies Anywhere app my movies filter from Vudu to Xfinity and to AppleTV (and to the MA app) and I’ve noticed some differences - I’ve come to accept that every time a new movie cover is released or new format comes out all the different companies have their own way to access the title but come up different - most annoying example, The Sweetest Thing Unrated, I scan it and I get the regular version and Vudu won’t let me buy the unrated version because I already own the title AND Xfinity says it’s the unrated version but it ain’t… Basically, it isn’t perfect yet.