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How Do I Add a Title?


I am going to the Add title drop-down. I search for it & find the title… but don’t know what to do from there (nothing is being added once I actually find it). Thanks



If you are adding a title. Click “Add A Movie”. Once you find the proper UPC (make sure it scans) just click the thumbs up on that page for either “SD” or “HDX”. It should add the film. I noticed that if it already has a thumbs down, it won’t add the film. I wish they could fix that. Again, make sure it scans on VUDU app and D2D buying options come up. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:



I’m going to try that I’ve done everything except hitting the thumbs up button. My vudu appjust crashed so I’ll have to try it later I hope it works.



That didn’t work neither. Rocky heavyweight collection & below her mouth both said upc not elgible.



Thats because they aren’t eligible… Not every movie is eligible for D2D, you need to become familiar with what titles you can convert… That’s the problem a lot of newbies are having, they try to just add any and everything…