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ReEdit: The Strangers 2 & Unsane working upc codes


**I couldnt add the following titles bc someone down voted them. I dont know why ppl do that. Not all films are D2D right away, alot of them take a long time. Anyways, if you search them, they do come up as I and 2 friends have up voted them. **

The Strangers: Prey At Night (2018)[BR; 191329041642]
Unsane (2018)[BR; 191329056615]



Thanks, but, isn’t the purpose of this website to list working D2D UPC? Why post something that won’t be D2D eligible for a long time? With respect, -E



The UPCs that I posted DO WORK NOW!! The reason I can’t add them is because someone tried them before they were D2D and down voted them. So now that they are available I can’t add them because there is no way to remove the down vote. They’ll show up if you search by name but usually when I add a movie it shows up on the first page. I hope that explains why added the upcs in the forum. Again, they DO WORK NOW!!